We offer football coaching for children aged 4-15 years old in a fun, safe and fully supervised environment. We pride ourselves on our expert football coaching, but we also believe that above all your child should enjoy their time at football school whilst getting exercise and learning new football skills and discipline.

Our London football academy can offer a range of classes for your children to attend, with Saturday and weekday football school classes, a football party service and Easter/summer 1-week football academy programs.

At Adam Clifft School of Soccer all our senior staff are fully FA coaching qualified, and we ensure that children at our soccer schools and football parties are never left unsupervised so your children can get the most out of their football training and parents can be safe in the knowledge that their children will be looked after properly.

Every child receives a football school trophy and a certificate at the end of the term/3-day course, as does the birthday boy at our football parties.

If you would like more information on our football coaching and football school programs then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.